From August of 2007

Again, making it look like I’ve kept up….

Title: Yeah, so, I did it…

Popped the kid out.

No drugs.

Tho I begged. Loudly. And often.

He was 9 lbs. 5 oz.

Thank you God!!!! (And um, please forgive those not so nice ways I spoke with you in between the begging for drugs thing…)


About growingintome

Oh goodness... where to start! I am a preschool teacher with three little rugrats. A loving (usually!) wife. A Flybaby-in-training. Fascinated by natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Working on improving my knitting and crocheting. Would love to learn to play the piano and guitar. Dreaming of being a sign language interpreter. Totally amateur blogger. In case you didn't guess.
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