Economics, choices, priorities… all sorts of good stuff.

OK, first things first, if anybody actually reads this (and I’ll be shocked if the do! LOL) I don’t mean to tick people off. I’m just thinking aloud – er, um, on screen. Yeah.

OK, so here is the deal. I have no major issues with food stamps/WIC, etc. Heck, how do you think my mom managed for awhile. Just keep that in mind.

OK, so it started on some message board where it was mentioned that more all these people use food stamps, and people put in their 2 cents regarding the pros and cons. Good reads, made me think.

Until I ready about the organic carrots and soy milk.

Some lady said she was so glad they qualified because before she couldn’t afford her organic carrots and soy milk.

Let me repeat this one more time: there is a mom out there right now using your and my tax dollars to buy organic carrots and soy milk.

If you have no issues with that, please stop reading now.

Let me go back a bit and tell you about my family. If my husband just did his job (teacher) and nothing else, we would soooo easily qualify for assistance. If he just did his job and 1/2 of the extra things he picks up, we would soooooo easily qualify for assistance. But it is our choice to have him take on lots of extra responsibility at work (and for me to do some work on the side too) and it just so happens that that puts us over the edge.

More about us: we have no cable/fancy tech toys/fancy cars (OK, we do have 1 new van, but only because we planned for it). We’re boring. I use coupons and live for sales. J. shops meats on sale and bread on clearance and we freeze it. We rent books and movies from the library. We are pretty frugal.

Back to the organic carrots and soy milk.

So as I read this all I can think was, wait a minute. I would *love* to buy healthier alternatives to the foods I get. Really, I would. (Not organic or soy, but nicer fruit bars for the kids, for example.) But, because of the choices that we make regarding jobs and money, that’s not an option. So… do I tell my husband to quit his extras so he can be home more AND we can get assistance??!! It truly made me question how we live out life. I mean, seriously, maybe we have this all screwed up.

Think about it:
– DH gets to work at 5:30, teaches until 2:3o, required to stay until 3:00
– after 3:00 he is either at meetings, doing clubs, taking pictures for yearbook, or bolting off to do a class
– at home after dinner and bedtime he catches up on more class work and does things for the clubs/groups
– goes out for 1 or 2 weeks in the summer and other days during the year to the capitol to work for the State Ed Dept to earn extra money
– also has yearbook late nights/Model UN overnights
– money is snug!

– DH could go to school from 7:40 – 3:00
– maybe spend some extra time there or at home doing grades, etc every so often
– get assitance with food/heat/etc

Sigh. I know. I know. Just had to gripe….


About growingintome

Oh goodness... where to start! I am a preschool teacher with three little rugrats. A loving (usually!) wife. A Flybaby-in-training. Fascinated by natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Working on improving my knitting and crocheting. Would love to learn to play the piano and guitar. Dreaming of being a sign language interpreter. Totally amateur blogger. In case you didn't guess.
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7 Responses to Economics, choices, priorities… all sorts of good stuff.

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  2. Cwningen says:

    I’m of the mentality that organic foods, soy milk, etc. *should* be available on WIC/food stamps/et cetera. I want everyone to be able to be and eat as healthily as possible. I don’t know if your financial situation has changed or not (and I hope it has), but I want your husband to be able to work one job and spend real time with you guys, and for you all to have the healthiest versions of everything you need. Everyone deserves that. ❤

  3. One of the greatest moves ever was allowing people to use credit to purchase food at farmer’s markets! Local, sometimes organic, and MUCH cheaper (and fresher!) then at a store! THAT is a great idea!

    Nope, our situation is still the same, but I’m good with it. We may not be able to buy organic but I’m OK with it, and DH actually is NOT a fan of organic food. I do try to buy healthier alternatives of things. The 1 thing I wish we could afford is quality, grass fed, antiobiotic free etc meat. Ah well, with the price of regular meat getting so high, it won’t be long before I can!

  4. Cwningen says:

    The unfortunate part is that a lot of places don’t have farmers markets. One of the towns I lived in the longest growing up was in an extremely rural area compared to most other places I’ve been/seen, and there was no such thing. Wishes, wishes.

    • True.. I’m spoiled rotten that a bunch of nearby communities around here have small ones. I need to take better advantage of them next year!

      • Cwningen says:

        I’m with you! We keep meaning to go and keep forgetting. We *did* find a local orchard that lets you pick your own, though. It’s SO much fun!

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