So, How Is That Going For Ya?

Remember way back in June (yeah, I know, me neither) when I wrote 50 things I wanted to accomplish this summer? Let’s see how I’m doing….

1. Help DD8 (Mini Me) get her multiplication facts down solid. – Ha. Ummm….Ooops?
2. Keep DD6′s (Blue Eyes) love of reading and writing burning bright. – Reading? Check. Writing. Ummm… Oops?
3. Try to keep DD3 (The Boy) from breaking any bones or needing stitches. – So far so good!
4. Help both kids and I get simple yet effective morning/evening routines down pat. – Evening going wellish. Morning I hope to start soon.
5. Teach the girls how to do laundry. – Epic. Fail.

6. Go to the beach. Which I hate. But the kids love. – Planned for next week.
7. Go to a local amusement park. Which I hate. But the kids love. – Check!
8. Have the kiddos pick some fun library programs to do. – Done!
9. Gather (and do) ideas for fun, educational activities. – Yeah, not so much…
10. Gather (and do) ideas for crafts. – See above.

11. Make a list of my “required reading” and set aside time EACH day to read, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. – Ish.
12. Plan out my Mommy & Tot classes. WITHOUT getting overwhelmed. Much. – On the docket to start, I have the ideas typed up, anyway!
13. Knit more. – I think so!
14. Actually FINISH a knitting project. – One, does that count?
15. Relearn the few basic guitar chords I knew. Learn some new ones. – Again, ish. But enough to count!

16. Sew the girls’ curtains. –Ha.
17. Paint the girls’ room. – Ha ha.
18. Get rid of the clutter in the kitchen cupboards. – Ha ha ha.
19. Work with Hubbie to clean out the garage. Ha ha ha ha.
20. Work with Hubbie to get his den cleared out. Ha ha ha ha ha. (0-5, oops!)

21. Go splashing in rain puddles with the kids. – Done!
22. Laugh hysterically if I ever think about attempting another “bucket list”. – My sides ache.
23. Try to limit the amount of hats I buy (and lose) for the kids. – YES!
24. Remember to check for (fitting) water shoes before a trip to a place with water. – I checked… just didn’t go get new one!
25. Finish “Easy To Love, Difficult To Discipline” and start using the principles regularly. – Um, no…

26.Talk to the doc about the meds, and how to make them work best for me. – Yup!
27. Walk! By myself, with a friend, with family… Just get out there! – No darn it…
28. Lose 5-10 (of the 40 I need to) pounds. – Since typing the original, about 5!!
29. Have the girls pick 1 recipe a week to make with me. – Gah, no.
30. Work on my flossing habit. Or lack thereof. – Very small progress, but progress!

31. Remember to wear the extra protective gloves when working by the prickly bushes. – Yup! And as of 3 days ago, they’re GONE!
32. Not yell too loudly when I forget. – Not when I forgot, but when they poked through.
33. Keep garden semi weeded, enough so that I can – Semi being the key word, yes!
34. Harvest fruits and veggies from my garden. – I have!!!
35. Grill up marinated portabella mushrooms. – Mmmm… not yet, need to remedy that!

36. Keep up with the blog (I’m shooting for 3-4 posts a week). – Ish?
37. Go through and tag my posts. – Ummm.. I started!
38. Organize my internet bookmarks. – Boy I was ambitious….
39. Get (and keep!) my inboxes cleared out. Ish. That means unsubscribing to things! – Ish! I have started unsubscribing!
40. Go through files from the old computer and dump what I can. – Nope. I want to organize my documents too…

41. Make sure Hubbie has some relaxing time. – He’s taken care of that himself.
42. Get our weekly “date night” (at home) back up and going. It’s not just for when “Survivor” is on! – Nothing official, but we’ve done OK.
43. Get SIL over as often as possible before she leaves for Grad School. – Not too bad!
44. Pack up a lunch and go for a hike on a trail. – Nope, sadly.
45. Make an effort to get together with my friend who signs, to have an “ASL only” conversation. – Ugh, not yet.

46. Give my kids more hugs. – Not nearly enough.
47. Give my kids more kisses. – Ditto.
48. Oh heck, give Hubbie more hugs and kisses too! – Meh. 😉
49. Be gentle and patient with myself. – I think I may be starting.
50. Be more aware – and thereby grateful – for the love I have in my life, and be sure to shine that back to others. – Not nearly as much as I should!

All in all not horrible… I need to focus on what I’ve done, not what’s left! BUT, I also hope to use this to guide me through the last remaining few weeks. Progress, not perfection!


About growingintome

Oh goodness... where to start! I am a preschool teacher with three little rugrats. A loving (usually!) wife. A Flybaby-in-training. Fascinated by natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Working on improving my knitting and crocheting. Would love to learn to play the piano and guitar. Dreaming of being a sign language interpreter. Totally amateur blogger. In case you didn't guess.
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