So, I decided to give one of Mama Kat’s (pretty much world famous) Writing Workshops a try. I’ve done them before and loved reading new blogs because of it!

One of her prompts was: “Write a poem where the last two words are ‘my friend’.”

I didn’t want to.

Simply because I knew who I needed to write about.

And it hurts. So I didn’t want to.

But I did.

I read up a bit about some poem styles and decided on a tanka. Nope, nothing glamorous, but I guess the point to a blog is to write for yourself. For me, this works.

So, if you’re still reading, this is for you, filled with love.

Summer hit and then
Something took it all away.
What, I still don’t know.
I try to be angry but
Inside she’s always my friend.


About growingintome

Oh goodness... where to start! I am a preschool teacher with three little rugrats. A loving (usually!) wife. A Flybaby-in-training. Fascinated by natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Working on improving my knitting and crocheting. Would love to learn to play the piano and guitar. Dreaming of being a sign language interpreter. Totally amateur blogger. In case you didn't guess.
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15 Responses to Always…

  1. That’s very sweet. Now it makes me want to know the back-story! 🙂

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s.

  2. Hopefully the person you’re writing about will understand that it was hard to write. And I hope you feel better for writing it.

  3. betsy says:

    Its difficult to have a friendship suddenly end without closure. It’s hard even with closure, but to have one ripped out of your hands and never know why… and never get answers… that’s tough. Great poem– it took me right to memories that I sometimes wish to forget.

  4. Cwningen says:

    This is beautiful.

  5. Ginny Marie says:

    Oh, it’s hard to lose a friend, especially if you don’t really know the reason…I’ve been there…and it’s a hard place to be.

  6. Jenn says:

    Swinging by from Mamakat’s. I really like this, and it resonates with me and one of my friendships. Thanks for sharing!

  7. ~Kris J. says:

    just catching up on google reader and seeing this
    sadly – this really resonates for me with a friend,but then again i always though i cared more about the friendship then the other person had :-/

    your follow up was nice, as well. Maybe whomever you spoke of will see it *shrugs*

    • Sadly, I don’t think so. I think I’m finding peace with it, though. Unfortunately, it comes with the self-deprecating “She deserves better then me”… 😛 I do know that a lot of friendships have ebbs and flows; I have many where we won’t talk for months and then get together and it feels like we never stopped! (We tend to do that!) Now that I’m not online as much, it IS harder for me to keep up with the friendships like I had been. Something to find a balance on!

  8. See, now we need a back story! This is what happens with these prompts, I get hooked by one response! Look forward to reading you again next week. 🙂

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