Is Unhumble A Word?

For some reason I started reading my blog today.

(Yeah yeah, I’m supposed to write in it, I know I know…)


 I noticed that, huh. It’s not bad! I would read it!

Then I noticed that, huh, other people have read it too!

Now I kinda feel like a dork. An unhumble one.

Because immodest makes me feel like I sit here in short skirts and low-cut shirts writing it.

(And I’m actually in some “Bazinga” sleep pants and an oversized red tshirt. In case you were wondering.)

Where was I?

Yeah so l want to try to get back to this again. Just so you know. I figure if I put it out there then it makes it more real.Back to typing about anxiety and ADHD and kids and FLYlady (or lack there of) and breastfeeding and any other random thing that pops into my head

Like the fact that I really need to trim my nails because they feel soooo annoying while I type but they look so nice I don’t want to, or the fact that WordPress is sooooo slow right now that words don’t pop up until way after I typed them (which may have something to do with the 3597 tabs I have open in Firefox, but whatever.) Or that it just tried to eat my blog and now I’m typing on some weird new page thingy. Or that when we left off I was having medication issues… and they are STILL not solved!


My point is, I’m going to try to bring this back, more for me then for anyone who may still be following. But if you are following, please feel free to let me know, and keep on me!

Now, off to shed my Bazinga pants for that slinky skirt. (Well… OK, my husband’s old jeans because it’s time to clean out The Boy’s sandbox with him. After I clean up the house. Ish. Because really? Not that much has changed!)


About growingintome

Oh goodness... where to start! I am a preschool teacher with three little rugrats. A loving (usually!) wife. A Flybaby-in-training. Fascinated by natural childbirth and breastfeeding. Working on improving my knitting and crocheting. Would love to learn to play the piano and guitar. Dreaming of being a sign language interpreter. Totally amateur blogger. In case you didn't guess.
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3 Responses to Is Unhumble A Word?

  1. Tara says:

    Still following! And I personally don’t think it’s unhumble to be pleased that your blog gets read or be proud of a job well done. 😉 Now if you come on here all braggy, like, “My home is perfect and here’s why I’m more awesome than you are,” we might have to have words. LOL

  2. I can promise you, you will NEVER have to worry about me bragging about my home being perfect! 😀

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