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What Happens When You Write A Post With A Plugged Head

If you have ever wondered what you get when you cross a horse with a write a blog post on Day 5 of Killer Congestion Flu, this is what you get: Why helllllooooooo my dear blog readers of which I … Continue reading

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Oh my goodness! What insanity! Cookies! Insomnia! Ballet shoe shopping! Index cards! Driving through Saturday morning mall traffic! Whew! As you can tell by my excess use of exclamation points, life is busy busy busy, and anything but boring. (I’m … Continue reading

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20 Things

After a pretty successful NaBloPoMo, I want to keep up the trend of posting more often. Probably not EVERY day, but more often then I had! Today, I decided to use a prompt from Mama Kat’s (pretty much world famous) … Continue reading

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Blog plagarizing?

OK, so I stole this from somebody. 🙂 And I’m too tired to italicize all I want to, and I can’t figure out how to underline or ununderline so don’t pay any attention to that either! The Big Read reckons … Continue reading

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Random Musings…

Firefox is evil for doing the tab thing. My ADHD self can have waaaaay too much going on at once…. Do babies wait until the climax of a TV show to wake up? Do they lay awake listening until they … Continue reading

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Finally, real time blogging!

So I’m sitting here on election night. No, I won’t get into politics. I just want to note that it is truly amazing how people view things. I mean, really, what I consider the worst idea in the world, others … Continue reading

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I Am A Cricket’s Hero

OK, last one, I promise. Hey, at least it’s from Sept of THIS year… Yeah, so um, I’m actually getting cleaning done and as I’m moving some stuff something big and black jumps. Up until now I have let the … Continue reading

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From July 2007

In an attempt to make my blog look fuller (more full?) here is a little something I wrote over a year ago, while 8 months preggie with DS: Snickers Ice Cream bar are officially a little piece of heaven here … Continue reading

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