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Some Lessons Learned

Today I read a post at The Feminist Breeder (FYI, I’m not saying I agree with 100% – or even 75% – of what she says, but she says it very well!) and it got me thinking. See, today marks … Continue reading

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Back To Basics?

Well, first off, the echo thingy on my heart went great! Likely no worries! And I had such a great time watching. The lady doing the ultrasound was great, she showed me everything and answered questions. It was fascinating! Thank … Continue reading

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My Breastfeeding Beginnings…

So, I found a neat place to link up your breastfeeding success story. How awesome! It’s late, so I don’t have much time, so I decided to cut and past bits of a paper I wrote and try to put … Continue reading

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Blogging Via My Cupboard

It’s funny the things that get you to focus on your blogging again.’ I assumed that with a busy summer that included a hubbie home more often, this new blog thingy would fall to the wayside for a bit. But … Continue reading

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